COVID-19 Updates


Dear Parents,

The much anticipated open dates were finally announced: June 1st (OH) and June 15 (KY). We are excited to reopen the schools and welcome back our students!

We are taking the initial steps to prepare for reopening as we await further direction on the details on how we open. We have already received emails from several of our parents with various inquiries.

We will be in communication with every one of you over the next few days to help gather information and address all of your questions. Please keep an eye out for any emails and surveys in the coming days.


3/20/2020 (3:30pm)

Dear Parents,

After much thought, we have decided to go close at the end of the day today, Friday, March 20. The Governor has not made this an order yet, but he has signaled that it is coming within the next few days. Very few children are coming to school at this point and many of them are children of our staff.

We are currently pursuing options that would allow us to continue to provide care to children of parents who work in emergency and health care industries, especially. We will notify you immediately if something materializes.

More details regarding tuition, at-home work, re-opening information etc., with follow soon. For now, we wanted to send out the “official word” that we are closing after today.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility during this time. Our entire staff is extremely appreciative of this.

Be Safe,





Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience during this time. We have all had numerous questions and it takes time to get answers. New information and orders will likely come from local, state and federal governments, causing us to have to make changes to our day to day operations.

Currently, daycares do not have to close their doors, which is a relief to so many of our working parents. However, there will be no kindergarten until we hear otherwise. Children enrolled for kindergarten do have the option to continue coming to school for childcare. Furthermore, if you have older children that are currently impacted by school closures and you are in need of childcare, we have may limited capacity to admit school-age children so that you can continue to work.  Please speak with your director about possible arrangements, we are doing everything we can to help our families work through these challenging times.

Any child showing symptoms of COVID-19 (see this link) will not be permitted to come to school. If symptoms develop while a child is at school, we will immediately isolate the child and call the parent. Sick children may NOT be at school and must be picked up within the hour.

Schools that have Soccer Shots or Webby Dance programs will temporarily suspend these classes. They will resume once we are all able to return to normal activities. We will also suspend guest librarians any other unnecessary visitors that come into our schools.

To help minimize exposure to germs, preschool and school-age children will not rotate to each classroom every day. Instead, they’ll spend their day in one room, changing to a different room the next day. By changing rooms from day to day, it gives us the opportunity to clean rooms before new groups of children come in, while continuing to offer new subject areas to the children. Additionally, we will continue our enhanced cleaning procedures throughout the day for all areas, including the diner.

We certainly understand if you desire to keep your child home from daycare during this time.  Our handbook policy is that 100% tuition is due as long as your child is enrolled, and that to disenroll there is a 2 week notice required with at minimum a month before a withdrawn child can return. Obviously, this policy was written in a non-emergency situation. We have approximately 150 hardworking and loving staff members to pay across our Cincinnati-area locations in addition to other significant fixed costs.  We are requesting that families do not disenroll.  For families that are choosing to stay home, we ask that you pay 50% tuition to maintain your child’s position in our enrollment while you are away. If your family is taking a break but is in financial distress and unable to pay the tuition, please contact the director of your center.  She will work with you and management to determine the appropriate course of action. If you do choose to disenroll entirely, we will be requesting the remaining two weeks tuition. This change in policy will not be permanent and pertains exclusively to the COVID-19 situation.

Steps we’d like you to take…

  1. Help your child to wash his/her hands when you arrive at school, before bringing them to the classroom.
  2. Do NOT send someone to school to pick up your child if that person is not feeling well.
  3. Remind your child to cough and sneeze into his/her elbow.
  4. If possible, please bring in a clean pillowcase and blanket daily for nap time.
  5. Alert us of any travel to any COVID-19 hot spots, especially outside the United States.
  6. Keep yourself and your family healthy! Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, try to keep the anxiety level down and spend some time outdoors.

Thank you for your dedication to keeping the children and our staff healthy,

The Children’s House




There will be a press conference at 4 pm for the daycare sector. We will have more information to pass along then.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the events of the week. It is a fluid situation and can change at any moment. As we monitor the situation and have any changes, we will communicate them to you but please understand that there are a lot of moving parts that we need to coordinate.

Our large events, such as prom and our Flying Pig Mini-thon, will be postponed or canceled.

Please read over CDC’s advice on “Talking with Children” and be vigilant about handwashing.

Kindergarten Parents

As you know, there is no kindergarten for the next three weeks (subject to change, according to state recommendations). Our teachers have been working very hard to get work together to keep your children learning and to avoid having to add extra time at the end of the school year.


Work will be available for pick-up on Monday at the latest. Your child needs to bring this work back to school when school resumes so that we can count these days. 


In addition, there are lots of free resources, educational websites and apps that can help your child keep up their skills and even improve them! Click here for some ideas.


Spend some time playing card and board games, read some books, encourage age-appropriate chores around the house and do some yard work with your children. Lessons learned from these types of activities are invaluable.


If you have any questions about the work sent home, contact us and we will follow up with your child’s teacher if we don’t have the answer.


Again, thank you for your patience during this confusing time.